Digital media project ENTR at the European Youth Event 2023 | Press | DW | 13.06.2023
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Digital media project ENTR at the European Youth Event 2023

For the second time, ENTR was the official media partner for the European Youth Event (EYE) 2023 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on June 9 and 10. ENTR was launched by DW and France Médias Monde in 2021.

The EYE brings together thousands of young people from the European Union and the world to share and shape their ideas on Europe's future. During the event, participants between the ages of 16 and 30 took part in a diverse range of activities both on-site and online, including panel discussions with members of the European Parliament. With the European elections coming up in 2024, part of the program focused on the role of democracy and youth engagement. 

20 ENTR team members from seven partners were in Strasbourg to promote the multilingual European content creator network to its young audience as well as stakeholders, while strengthening the team's cross-border cooperation. Dutch partner Are We Europe organized four workshops on design thinking with over 300 participants. Moderators from France Médias Monde and Deutsche Welle ENTR teams hosted panel discussions, and ENTR journalists connected with their target audience, generating content on the ground. Additionally, they interviewed two European Parliament members, Sabine Verheyen and Malte Gallée. 

Pia Stengl, ENTR Project Manager: "The EYE proved to be an exceptional opportunity for our team members to connect in person with ENTR's target audience as well as with their colleagues from various countries, with whom they collaborate digitally on a daily basis. It was a truly inspiring and motivating experience for the whole team!"  

Patrick Leusch, ENTR Project Director: "For two days, the team observed great interest in our offerings and we had plenty of interesting discussions with participants about the media landscape in Europe. Most of them expressed great interest in more cross-border information from a European perspective. It energized everybody in the ENTR Team greatly." 

Ségolène Allemandou, Editor-in-Chief for ENTR at France Médias Monde: "The exchange between our ENTR journalists and young Europeans was great. Whatever their profile, the participants were very motivated to answer the questions and share their opinions on the next European elections and on European politics." 

ENTR is available in eight languages. You can find ENTR content in English on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

ENTR is funded by the European Union and the German Foreign Office. The media initiative aims at promoting European youth exchange and raising awareness around a common identity, while highlighting the diversity of perspectives across Europe. 

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