DW Stories goes TikTok | Press | DW | 24.02.2023
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DW Stories goes TikTok

"The World Unpacked - We help you understand what's up in the world"- DW Stories focuses on dialogue, context and cooperation with its new TikTok channel.

The channel is aimed at reaching young people up to 30 years of age in Asia. What they are looking for above all is context, a diversity of perspectives and solution-oriented journalism.  The four hosts Beina Xu, Marcel Aburakia, Aasim Saleem and Marie Joslyn present DW Stories content and answer users' questions.

"We are expanding the DW Stories brand. In addition to strong reports and inspiring protagonist stories, we also focus on explainers: complex socio-political topics are explained and classified by us," says Karsten Kaminski, teamlead Social Media Analysis and Reports.

Cooperation with the DW Urdu Team

Analyses by DW's Audience Development Team have shown that especially young people in Pakistan can be reached through TikTok. Therefore, the DW Stories team and the Urdu editorial team meet regularly for a joint editorial conference.

Joint content planning results in vertical short videos for both Tiktok and other social media platforms that are easy to adapt. "This cooperation helps us to further strengthen the knowledge transfer in video-on-demand production. We can use it to gain even more experience for Tandem productions," says Anja Brockmann, head of Stories and Analysis.

The new TikTok account will further expand and strengthen the successful DW Stories brand.



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