Unbiased information for free minds | Homepage of DW's corporate website. | DW | 08.05.2024
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About DW

Unbiased information for free minds

​​​​​​​Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany's international broadcaster and one of the most successful and relevant international media outlets.

We provide journalistic content in 32 languages, giving people worldwide the opportunity to form their own opinions. Our offerings convey Germany as a liberal democracy rooted in European culture, providing a forum for German and other points of view on important topics, with the aim of promoting understanding and the exchange of ideas among different cultures and peoples.

JaafarTalk aus dem jordanischen Flüchtlingslager Zatari

TV show JaafarTalk in Jordan

Our experts produce high-quality multimedia content distributed through television, radio and online. Our portfolio comprises TV channels in English, Arabic, Spanish and German and digital content in 32 languages. Our 24-hour English language TV channel is available almost everywhere in the world.

Working locally in our target regions and with regional partners ensures that our content caters to our audiences' interests and demands. 

In 2023, DW has drawn 320 million global user contacts per week. DW's strategy of shifting output towards digital particularly in countries where press freedom is restricted was vital to the success of DW's formats. With 257 million weekly user contacts, DW's video content accounts for 80 percent of user contacts. In audio, 51 million user contacts come to DW's services each week while digital text pages attract 12 million user contacts.

Read more about DW's usage figures.

Our vision

By 2025, DW wants to strengthen its position as an essential source of digital information that inspires its target group with regionally-relevant, on-demand content that encourages dialogue. DW Akademie is on track to becoming Europe's leading institution for media development.

Studio der Sendung DW-News, DW-Nachrichten

DW News studio in Berlin

Freedom. Dialogue. Expertise.

Our aim is to foster a peaceful, stable global community. Therefore, we focus on topics such as freedom and human rights, democracy and good governance, free trade and social justice, health education and environmental protection, technology and innovation. 

Our audience

Eric Topona | DW Studio | Arbre à Palabre

DW radio studio in Bonn, Germany

We reach out to young people, opinion leaders, those actively involved in public debate, and everyone striving to understand what is happening in the world. Through our audience approach, we tell stories close to the hearts of our users, viewers and listeners and their everyday reality. We provide platforms for dialogue, we listen to their concerns, speak their languages and close information gaps.

Our German-language offerings are directed towards German speakers abroad and to those who teach or want to learn German.

Our distribution

We rely on a global satellite network, our roughly 3,000 partner stations, the internet and increasingly, mobile distribution. The DW app offers online content according to user preferences. Our radio broadcasts in ten languages continue to reach many people in Africa and parts of Asia.

Our DW Akademie

We believe that journalism, education and culture improve people's lives and that reliable, unbiased information and universal access to knowledge are fundamental rights.

Together with our partners around the world, we work to promote freedom of expression, human rights and the development of functioning media systems.

DW Akademie republica Accra

DW Akademie in Accra, Ghana

Our core focus areas are Media and Information Literacy (MIL), Media Viability, Media and Journalism Education and Innovation for Dialogue and Digital Rights. We pursue concrete approaches in these areas in order to strengthen the media. In this way, we contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

Our events

The GMF is the international media conference organized by DW. More than 2,000 participants from over 140 countries make the annual meeting at the plenary hall of the former German Bundestag in Bonn – known today as the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) – the place "Made for Minds."

Media professionals get together to discuss the latest socio-political issues of our time and, in particular, how they relate to and are dealt with by the media. They are joined by decision-makers and influencers from politics and civil society, culture, education, business and science.

GMF 2023 | Plenarsaal

DW Global Media Forum 2023 hosted at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB)

Our organization

DW is a public broadcaster financed by the German federal tax budget. Worldwide more than 4,000 DW employees of over 140 nationalities work toward a common goal.


DW promotes a working environment that is free of prejudice. The aim is for all employees to feel respected and appreciated - regardless of gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Since 2011, DW has been a member of the German employers' initiative Charta der Vielfalt (charter of diversity) which is committed to promoting diversity in the workplace. With the establishment of the International Relations and Diversity department in November 2019, DW's management has made diversity a high priority and initiated change processes.

Our Code of Conduct describes the values we adhere to as part of our company culture and defines our responsibility towards our users and partners, society and the environment.


DW operates sustainably, by using resources efficiently, reducing its environmental footprint and getting involved in social issues. More about Sustainability Management at DW.

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Corporate Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Communications


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