What is RSS? What can I do with RSS and how do I subscribe to Deutsche Welle RSS feeds? | FAQs about DW's online content. | DW | 19.11.2021
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FAQ: Online

What is RSS? What can I do with RSS and how do I subscribe to Deutsche Welle RSS feeds?

RSS is used to automatically save and display articles or their short descriptions (particularly news bulletins) in a single, convenient location.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed consists of an XML file, which contains the structured content, but no layout, navigation, or other additional information. 


What can I do with RSS?

RSS makes it possible for users to subscribe to the content of a website. RSS content can be automatically loaded onto your computer (or other devices). This way, subscribers are provided with the latest information automatically and conveniently. Subscriptions are not limited to text content, but can also include audio or video content.


What are the technical requirements for a subscription?

An RSS reader is required to subscribe to an RSS feed. It ensures that the content is automatically updated and displayed in a readable format. Browser-based readers (e.g. Google Reader, My Yahoo, Newsgator, Netvibes) allow users to read their RSS feeds from any computer. Local applications are also available for download. Many RSS readers are available for free on the Internet


How do I subscribe to Deutsche Welle RSS feeds?

All of DW’s feeds are listed here. To subscribe, you only need to add the desired feed address into your reader or click a button on one of the proposed RSS readers. You can subscribe directly from a website via plug-ins for many common internet browsers.


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